Top Institutes to enroll for Big Data Certification Courses in NYC

If achieving a career breakthrough is hard, harder is sustaining a long-run. Why? Organizations are focusing on New Yorkers who can work dynamically and leverage their skills from the word go, and that’s why. A solid foundation of knowledge coupled with competence are the key metrics for success at an organization level. And, it becomes even more crucial in an on-demand digital work line like Big Data. With more organizations trying to create a value out of it, Big Data related jobs are becoming increasingly popular. The impact is such that people in tech careers have started targeting Big Data Jobs by approaching training centers for suitable credentials. So, here, in no particular order, we list down the topmost Big Data training institutes and providers in NYC, keeping in mind the quality and affordability factor. 1. NYC Data science academy for Big Data Courses Basically an educational, training and career development hub, the academy aims at offering time-tested technical and strategic teaching both for businesses and individual aspirants. And, they deliver it via Online and on-campus mode. The center is driven forward by a team of seasoned campaigners devising courses based on the latest of Data science trends. Big Data with Hadoop MapReduce, Hadoop Ecosystem and Spark are the key course offerings here. The course is conducted in the form of three sessions during the month of January, April, and August, at a cost of $2999.00, $2840.50 and $2840.50 respectively. Address: 500 8th Avenue, Suite 905, New York, NY 10018. Phone: 888-752-7585 E-mail: Course Duration: 6 Weeks Time: Evening 7.00 – 9.30pm 2. Sunset learning institute for NYC Big Data Classes on Amazon web services Helping customers Maximize their investment in cloud-driven technology by imparting top-notch technical training is the goal of this institute. And, their central focus is specializing candidates with Big Data on Amazon web services. Amazon Elastic MapReduce and Cloud-based big data solution are what the curriculum of the course is. The course is designed to suit Individuals who design and carry out big data solutions and also Data Scientists and Data Analysts who wish to learn the ropes of Big Data solutions on AWS. Address: New York City, NY 10018 Time: 9 am & 5 pm (Monday to Friday) Course price: $ 1950.00 Course Duration: 3 Days 3. ASPE Training for New York City Big Data Boot Camp This Training Institute brings together excellent adult educational training methodologies with cutting-edge technology to render a real-time overview of Big Data and related analytics concepts. The course is designed in such a way to help students/professionals gain knowledge about the strong points of Apache Hadoop in particular. And, it is aimed at personnel who are associated with data analysis and Databases. Furthermore, the course supports both classroom and online teaching mode. Address: New York City, New York 10010 Phone: 877-800-5221 Time: 8.00 am & 7.00 pm (Monday & Friday) Duration: 2 Day Classroom | 2 Day Live Online Class Level: All levels Average Class Size: 12 Course price: $1795.00 Course Duration: 2 Days 4. The New School for Consumer Research Big Data Certification NYC One of the leading most educational centers of the city continues its tradition of developing progressive minds under the tutorship of top-class faculties. Now, the university conducts a course on Big Data in view of helping students develop the knack for analyzing data, identifying the patterns and compiling a result in a concise way. Being a school for management studies, the course syllabus is personalized on implementing Big Data for tracking Customer behavior, market segmentation, and other common issues which occurs due to the grouping, usage and ill practices of customer related information. Address: Johnson/Kaplan 66 West 12th Course Format: Seminar Max Enrollment: 24* Date Range: 3 Month Time: 6.00 pm & 7.50 pm Day: Mon- Fri | Sat-Sun 5. Fordham University offers Big Data Analytics Training NYC Information Systems, one of the many vital offerings of the university is framed to aid students to strike the perfect balance between business value and state-of-the-art technology. The Introductory course of Big Data analytics including Hadoop and other correlated technology will help students learn the tools of the trade easily. Students will work on projects and as a group to learn several Big Data platforms. Address: Lincoln Center, 33 W 60th Street, New York, NY 10023. Phone: (212) 636-6000 6. Data Science dojo for Big Data Training NYC A center which functions distinctively by providing simple yet powerful means to master the concept and ideas of data science. Here is how they approach a program of Data science A public and private boot camp lasting for 5 days. Course Delivery: Live Webinar, Remote Mentoring, Bootcamp, Textbook 10 hours, dedicated to every single day. 20+ hours of face-to-face mentoring to go with the 10+hours of online instructions. Address: Data Science Dojo, 2205 152nd Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052 Email:


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